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Thread: "Customised" .308 Howa Rifle Set-up

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    "Customised" .308 Howa Rifle Set-up

    Thought I'd do a new thread as the rifle is now in used condition. Selling as car died and trying to raise some funds, along with most of my guns

    Rifle new was 1400 (+125 for cerakote), Mod new was 250, Scope new was 450 - prices S/H are at the bottom of the post.

    It's had about 400 rounds through it - mostly load development and a fair amount of murder. Happy to shoot in front of anyone seriously interested to prove accuracy.

    Have a couple of loads using 150gn SP Speers with H4350 or Varget, otherwise it also shoots single hole groups using Factory Norma 150gn BT's or Winchester 110gn TAP BT's (pic below of what the rifle is capable of - 3 shots at 100yds). .25MOA with the right ammo when I do my bit!

    Spec as follows:

    • Howa Stainless sporter in bell and carlson stock, built by Brock & Norris and cerakoted by Jager SA, standard barrel
    • Shortened to 18" and screw cut (M14x1) and re-crowned with flat target crown (custom made end cap)
    • Fully Bedded
    • Snipers Cheekpeice Fitted and included in cost of rifle
    • Tactical bolt handle
    • Tuned Trigger - snaps like a rod of glass at about 1.5/2lbs
    • DNZ 30mm 1-peice Scope mounts & base
    • Leupold 3-9x40 VXR Tactical Firedot (Mil-dot with illuminated centre dot), 30mm tube -
    • ASE SL5 .30 Cal Moderator (Cerakoted Green by Jager SA) - M14x1 Thread -

    1275 as a package

    I'm not keen to split this set-up but if you are interested one or two without the other then please let me know.

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    Iv just placed an order with mike for a similar setup in 6.5x55 good luck with your sale mate !

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    I've had an offer on my flat so I'm one step closer!

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    Been keeping an eye on this. Oh how I hope that it doesn't go before my ticket comes through... Best of luck though mate, looks like a cracking gun. Free bump ;-)


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