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Thread: moderator paint

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    moderator paint

    Hi Guys

    aluminium mod (stainless internal) - best spray paint and is a undercoat required - mod has no dinks or scratches blacking has worn off.

    Any ideas on best one to use



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    Motor Cycle exhaust spray paint

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    +1 but i wrap mine in that camo sticky web tape keeps them dry and tingfree !

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    I used the same. Hammerite Black Bike Pot Paint that cures better for being popped in the oven for maybe an half hour. One of the few paints (I don't have a moderator but did paint some aluminium household items and a gas fire aluminium cowl) that doesn't shale of from ally. NB! Use a good stripper such as acetone to degrease the metal before painting it. Any chemist will have it cheaper than nail varnish remover.

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    Bicycle inner tube !

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    If you wanted to be really fancy could you get it powder-coated?

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    some good tips here, might get mine painted

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    Have a look at this...

    An alternative to Ceracoat and Duracoat

    I've seen this mod, a cracking job it is too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    +1 but i wrap mine in that camo sticky web tape keeps them dry and tingfree !
    +2... Easy to replace when gets grubby
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    Quote Originally Posted by philip View Post
    Hi Guys

    Black anodised
    cheap and more durable than any coating.
    not affected by heat whatsoever

    put enough shot through and you will lose the coating at some point

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