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Thread: Highlights of 2009

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    Highlights of 2009

    Dear all

    Thought I would start a thread of asking for anyone to post their personal hunting highlights of 2009.

    For me it was shooting a super representative 8 point Sika stag in the rut.

    It was my 3rd year trying for one from the Dawyck bloodline and my first one was a super animal. I was very very lucky.

    Please see pics below.

    By the way it was taken with my .300 WSM Sako 85 using 165 grn BT's behind 75 grns of Vhit N560 (3200 fps) for anyone interested. Also text book side on profile at about 120 yards and heart/lung shot but still ran a good 70 yards!

    My thanks to a super guide (Dougie) as he made a hunting ambition of mine come true.

    Going again this year and think cwd222 will be joining me this time.

    Looking forward to hearing/seeings pics of anyone else who wishes to add to the thread.



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    that is one cracking stag mate well done


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    Hi Jon

    Thats a beauty fella

    For me the highlight of the year was getting out and meeting so many of the guys and girls off this forum..

    Scotland was a first for me this year..

    Also achieving my level 2 again with so much help from this site..

    2010 i hope will see me add the last of the six..

    Hope your listening Ian & Jo



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    For me it was shooting my best buck to date ,shot him after the rut had finshed and left a much better buck in his place. He was shot with T3 .270 cal with a 130grn soft point at 100yds off sticks .

    and another great part of this trip was getting a good friend on his first six point buck.
    A good year all round hope 2010 will be as good and hope you all have prosperous and great new year.


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    My lovely (but clearly not very bright) wife has just looked at the photo of Terry and his stag, and said:

    'Ooh, that's a big stag - is it dead?'

    'No' says I, 'It's just that Terry and his guide are such extraordinary stalkers that they can get right up to a stag and Terry can pose holding on to its antlers long enough to get a photo, without the stag even knowing they are there...'

    Sometimes I despair!

    I have several highlights from 2009:

    1. My first (of several) stalking trip to Scotland with Gadget. Many deer were shot, much laughing was done and there was the perfectly innocent incident involving a very old Scots midget, a double bed, a slight misunderstanding and a dirty stable maid from Balmoral, about which we shall never speak again...

    2. Getting Paul T his first deer

    3. The great 'Gadget & Adamant Scottish Road-trip 2009' - 2,500 miles of mayhem, stalking, surreal moments and some very good deer.

    4. The moment where a mutual friend told Trev' and I, in absolute seriousness, that it was Tawny Owls that were responsible for the lack of rabbits on his shoots...

    5. The SD trip to Sutherland, where I shot my first Sika deer with the SD's very own Sika Malc, after an arduous stalk ( ), and met the SD's very own version of It Ain't Half Hot Mum' in the form of Wadas', Fester and co.

    I'm looking forward to 2010, which officially begins on the 8th of January with what looks to be a cold and snowy weekend on the hinds in Argyll...


    (Lowlights of 2009 include tripping over a rock and turning someone's pride and joy 6-point Roe buck into a 5.5 point Roe buck - but you can hardly see it in the photos and it hasn't been mentioned for the last couple of days, so I might have been forgiven)

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    Adam -

    If your over that way give Ian a look up on the Achadunan Estate..

    Great fella that gave me one of my most memorable stalks ever, huge number of deer and some only very slight hilly bits

    Have a great time


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    1. Finding this awesome B&B -

    2. Shooting this fine chappie -

    3. Settling in here for a post stalk sniffter and putting the world to rights -

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    going to scotland with adam and trev and shooting my first roe hope to shoot a few more in 2010 all the best to everyone in 2010

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    The best of 2009?? Well it was a weeks hind shooting in early November up in Scotland with my new Blaser 6.5mm. Over the course of the week, we had nineteen beasts between four of us

    But lets not do the 6.5x55 thing again what with it being the season of peace of earth & goodwill etc etc etc. All I'm going to say on that particular point is that the proof of the pudding wasn't so much in the eating, as in the back of the Land Rover after a very busy & successful Thursday

    Tomorrow, the planning of next years trip starts

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    2009 has been a pretty good year for me so far.
    Reduced hours at work have given me the time and inclination to get my own business off the ground, I've also taken my best red;

    my best munty;

    and my longest shot at quarry, successful 350ish yards shot at a cull roebuck.

    Roll on 2010. Oh, and happy new year to all!


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