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Whoops sorry I missed this earlier

Ok here goes. Well I have been stalking now for a number of years ............ hmmm how many? ................. it must be about 15 years now and I started with my BSA CF2 Stutzen in 270 win a rifle which I still have. It was acquired new shop soiled from F.A. Anderson of East Grinstead along with a scope a set of P-H rings, rifle slip, rifle sling and a couple of boxes of ammo.

Although I love the rifle is has been singularly unlucky for me and I have never grassed a beast with it my first was a Roe Doe shot in Sussex near Billingshurst using a newly acquired Brno Std ZKK 601 in .308 fitted with a 6x42 scope and since then I have used:-

6.5x55 swedish
7mm Mauser
270 Win
303 British
308 Win

To successfully grass my beasts with a variety of handloads and factory ammunition.

A few years ago a move to the East Coast in the county of Lincolnshire was made to care for my father which has made the stalking a bit of a problem as my ground is now 200 miles away and obtaining ground around here is very difficult. Until his retirement due to failing health I stalked with a friend on his grounds in Northampton and Hampshire on a day rate basis. If it was not for the kind gift of a Muntjac carcase I would ave run out of Venison .

Hopefully this will change as a days outing is planned in a few weeks to Derbyshire and if it all goes well further outings will be planned.

Now if I had found this site earlier perhaps I could have found some days stalking with like minded people earlier .