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Thread: Australian alternative to ferreting rabbits, Would you do this?

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    Australian alternative to ferreting rabbits, Would you do this?

    Interesting, I've done many things but I'd rather watch this than do it myself. Anybody else on here prepared to give it a go?


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    This bloke is a deadset drongo! He should not be allowed anywhere near animals. Some may recall a video of him catching a "wild red deer", well it now looks as though it was purchased from a farm on the NSW Sth Coast . The video on the interweb we believe he took at his uncles farm, but his antics at its farm of origin were also nothing short of disgraceful. The previous owner is still fraught with remorse that she allowed him to take away the stag calf from her bottle raised hind. I don't think we've seen or heard the last of this bloke.


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    Wonder if it would work over here with a couple of Slow Worms?

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    Nothing like making life easy on yourself

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    what a tit !

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    You should watch the one where he catches a fox, or rather allows a fox to latch onto his arm

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    I could do with some of he,s medication ,i think he recharges from the mains! pillock.

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    I dont think the man was born I think he was quarried

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