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Thread: Older/retired gun dog

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    Older/retired gun dog

    My girlfriends step mum is after an older dog or bitch as a second dog - she's at home all day and lives alone on the South Downs so would be a nice retirement or re-homing option for any suitable dog.

    She currently has a large 4 year old chocolate lab (neutered). Nice dog but clearly loves having another dog around as we're staying with her at the moment with our lab.

    Dog/Bitch should be ok with other dogs and have decent recall, other than that doesn't matter.

    Any questions PM me and I'll pass them on.

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    LOL just showed her this post - she said it makes her sound 80 (she's at least 30 years younger than that!)... so don't worry exercise won't be an issue for the dog

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    Might be worth asking local keepers

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    Thanks Akeld, she's already spoken to the 2 local to her though and I only know one and he hasn't got any he'd part with

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    my friend has a springer bitch 6yrs i may be to far let me know if you are still loking for a dog.....

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    Thank you to everyone for your replies so far - she trialled a bitch who turned out to be a nightmare (too timid and v clingy). Perfect family dog though so rather than going back to its owner it's going to her step daughter (with owners blessing).

    Ideally she'd like a dog between 2 and 6 years old - good recall and ok with kids (I realise that's asking a lot and nowhere near the original spec so apologies!). Her current dog is an arrogant and mad chocolate lab (neutered) so anything that would complement him!

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