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    Moderator Options

    Hi all I am throwing this out there for some advice from hopefully experienced users and would welcome any comments.

    I am currently using a Jet-Z moderator on my stalking rifle 6.5x55, I cant fault the Jet-Z for performance however I do find this messes the balance and makes the rifle a little prone to be barrel heavy with the moderator weighing around the 550g.

    I was considering changing to an over barrel moderator to help with balance and possibly reduce the "felt" weight of the moderator and herein lies the million dollar question, "What are others using with a similar calibre whom have found a resolution to this issue of weight and balance".

    I shoot regularly on permissions were sound reduction is a must so a good level of sound reduction is a must.

    Looking forward to some interesting reading.

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    It's an emotive topic, but as a Jet-Z owner, I would suggest that you persist with what you have got. If you have the option to trial another moderator or two, then do try them out. A friend and I had a session an number of years ago in which we tried a simple trial of each other's moderators. I personally would not have another over the barrel moderator based on my T8 experiences, but others will disagree. Moving from a T8 to an AU-S5, I halved my group sizes with the same factory ammunition.

    Don't part with what you have until you are really sure you've got a better option. Ideally get someone else to shoot your kit with both mods. Keep in mind that both home loaded and factory ammo may perform differently with different moderator styles. Ideally you would work up a load for each moderator config.

    Thanks for a good question.


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    First off you won't find a better mod out there than the Jetz but in my opinion on a stalking rifle I'm not convinced you actually need the quietest mod and other factors such as weight,balance and length come into play
    The best compromise mod I've used up to now is the Hardy Gen4.Certainly not the quietest but I think the internal muzzle break has something to do with this but its light and only adds 90 odd mm to the overall length.Same goes for the Atec Maxim which is a little bit longer and not much heavier.If you want really light theres the new Atec Carbon.I'm playing with one at the moment and you really can't tell its on when you pick it up.Loads of others out there all offering very much the same thing nowadays
    Is shortening your barrel and keeping the JetZ viable ?

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    +1 on the Hardy Gen IV...

    I went from a T8, and more than halved the weight. I carry it more than I shoot it, so weight is more important than sound suppression (it's not bad, just not great)
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    Interesting reading - I might not have mentioned or made this clear but I do think the Jet-Z is an outstanding mod so no probe there, I was really interested if any others who do more walked stalking than high seat shooting have encountered a similar issued with balance?

    Thanks for the comments, I feel its always worth keeping ones options open to whats available.

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    Take a look at the wildcat evolution. Saw one the other day, very light and slim, apprently performs as good as the predator P8 with the non magnum calibres. I'm thinking of changing my P8 on my 308 for one, purely for the weight saving.

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    As WSM has commented what about shortening the barrel and keeping the jet z? I don't k ow wvat barrel length you have now but I would think that 20" is a good compromise for use with a moderator.

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    As above, chop the barrel !
    Less weight, better balance and handling, and if using the same ammo the mod will be more effective with the drop in velocity.

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    Hardy Gen IV and I won't be beaten on price...shipment due next week!
    Failing that once you decide and I'll get you the best price possible...

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    Have been using the Roedale mods for some time now. Lightweight aluminium one for stalking and steel one for practice. Both have the same point of impact and group size. I find them an excellent bit of kit. They are easily strippable for cleaning.

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