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Thread: Have I got the wrong press???

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    Have I got the wrong press???

    Hi guys

    bought my reloading gear a couple of weeks ago s/h for a good price and picked my .308 rifle up last night.

    But in the shed having a look at what I have my brass does not seam to fit in my press.

    Have I bought the wrong one or do I need to get a attachment.

    Its a RCBS classic reloading press.


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    Not sure what to say to this... In what way does it not fit? Have you got Dies for the 308 in the press?

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    Picture might help

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    Wrong size shell holder by the looks of it..... just need to buy the right size, email spud off here, sure he'll have what you need.
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    +1 ...

    Or no shell holder there?

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    This might help you identify which shellholder you have Shell holder cross reference chart and which one you need?



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    Or no shell holder there?[/QUOTE]


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    Cant see any shell plate i have one of the same presses pic with out the case will help but i go with wrong shell plate just zooomed def cant see a shell plate i can see the recess for it
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    Ok then, does that mean I need a whole new piston as it looks to be one compleat thing or is it an add on? (Am I missing something from the press in the first place etc.)

    thanks michael

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