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Thread: best .223 moderator

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    best .223 moderator

    Reading the net guys, DM 80 is supppse to be very good, what is your experiences when it comes to sound mods, weight is not a problem or important to me, but if im buying one then im going to town so want the best one to supress the muzzel blast/report.

    Cheers guys.


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    Jetz CQB without question the quietest mod I've ever heard on a 223

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    HI Steve.
    I have had a DM80 for 22 Cal - A Very good mod. - But the ASE Utra CQB was noticeably quieter when I compared them. It is also neater.

    The DM80 for the 17 cal - is the quietest 17 CF mod on the market IME

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    A t4 does the job pretty well on mine.
    But if you have a desperate need to spend money you could probably shave of a few db by getting a Jetz.
    What is the rifle?
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Utra jet Northstar does the job, looks the part, not huge, and you can swap it round with your other guns.

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    Onelesscharlie - on the front/reflex, stainless/alloy(new), strippable/non-strippable, calibre specific, whatever thread, plain, blasted or colour, length/diameter/no of baffles............your choice and he'll happily advise you without any BS.

    SP Filling Systems Ltd Sound moderators

    And he's at the show this weekend.... but I guess you're probably not going.


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    jet-z cqb, its very quiet on my .223 sako85 20" barrel. best cal-combo ive had.

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    Got two ase cqb mods. Can be used safely on 243 if need be also

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