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Thread: Stoneleigh Park - today at the Shooting Show

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    Stoneleigh Park - today at the Shooting Show

    Spent a happy few hours there today with my son.

    I was impressed with the exhibitor turnout and the number of visitors. Anybody would think we had a healthy shooting industry!

    Only bought one gun, so the plastic is reasonably unabused.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Day two and nobody yet posted on the new NV gear
    glad you enjoyed it, i had to cancel plans

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    Good show not crowded, no queue at 08.00 and parking was also effortless. Big improvement on last year even though I didn't have a problem last year either.

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    nice day crowds were down try'd to buy some stuff but the kit was not for sale as we are the main agent and only here to show what's on offer GMK and others , "so who is selling the scopes and stuff on show here then at the show!! errr well ! errr no one ??? ,,,,, well why the F******* hell put it on a stand and not have a trader with with some stock at the same show ahhhh . or is it just me that finds it a pain in the butt !. but did manage due to a fluke get some 6.5x47 lap new brass off a very nice man. some new eye cups from swaro and rubber covers F.O.C. saw some old face's from the pistol days always nice to see the old goats lol.
    so overall yup nice day out apart from
    at around 4 am i done a lane change on the motorway that i did't plan for but the wind did lol no damage just eyes wide open moment .
    2nd on way home pulled into Newport Pag for food and fuel and run out of derv 300 yrds from pump so had to buy a can and pump the air out while it was peeing with rain all good fun and part of the day. home shower and slippers ahhh the life of a Travela
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    found the crowds to be a lot less than last year, shame I had no empty slots but it did save my card from a work out. A big improvement from last year especially going from one hall to another.

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    I drove three guys to the show, with only the wind and the rain to contend with. Less bargains evident than last year but this was day two. Car parking was a bit random but not the chaos of last year. Good day had by all.

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    hi, went on saturday,great day out.spent a few pounds,had some good cash bargains.atbadrian

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    sunday effortless parking.reasonable crowds and last day bargins .5kg steel shot 10quid,sheepskin 19quid instead of 30 quid ,spent loads but saved loads rib spreaders 8 quid .we did well memsahib n me .being a mctavish of the red sea pedestrians the last day walk round 30 mins b4 closing hover up wot the traders dont want to take home .

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