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Thread: Shooting in France

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    Shooting in France

    Due to a wedding this summer, I will be in France for a week around the 28th May in Mougins.

    My uncle and I are looking to fit in a days shooting. We arnt too bothered about species or trophys, so please get in contact if you can advise anything.

    Cheers, Tom

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    I don't suppose you like fishing? It's just that as far as I'm aware, it's the close season for just about everything in May.

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    Don't forget that you will need your French Fishing Licence too! Seriously! My last one was in the early 2000s. You will need a photograph of yourself. Most rivers are public and I forget something about Category 1 and Category 2. Night fishing in general is, still I think, illegal.

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    Chevreuil (roe) opens 1st of June. Les Alps Maritimes are a beautiful area. I can't help much.

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    If you shoot in an enclosed area in france you can shoot wild boar all year, you may be able to find a fenced estate in the area.

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    Hi Tom,
    Depending the area you are going to you can contact my frind Julien from the south of France in the area of Gers. He has some very fine stalking on roebucks in june. I don¨t know if he has areas in Mougins.

    Route de Gimont
    32450 Saramon

    Tel : 05 62 65 38 48
    Fax : 05 62 65 38 49
    Mail : sudfrance(a)

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    I have already given tom juliens contact details.. I don't think julien is with acteon sud any more he has his own company!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hi again,

    There are two Julien...the one at Acteon is Julien Blanc the other is Julien Saint-Supéry.

    Here is a contact for the area you are going to. Don´t know if he has roebucks there - but worth a go.

    Thomas Garnier
    7 boulevard Gabriel Péri
    83300 DRAGUIGNAN
    Tél : 06 72 37 03 98
    Mail: paca(a)

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    My apologies skov!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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