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Thread: North Wales weather

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    North Wales weather

    How's everyone else faring?
    Just got our power back on - been off since Wednesday lunchtime - and blowing hard again now!

    Wednesday afternoon was horrendous. I went down to the end of the road at 4.00pm to pick up my daughters from the school bus. Took me less than five minutes to get there, and more than 2 hours to get home!!!! Luckily had chainsaw in the back of the landrover and was able to cut my way through, but more was falling all the time, in front and behind. Had a few narrow escapes, a bit of damage to vehicle, but got home in the end. Kids pretty scared.
    Spent all day Thursday with the tractor clearing fallen timber and trying to make our access safe. Most roads open again now too.

    Like 1987 all over again!!!

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    +1 for North Wales VSS! My bitch decided to whelp two days earlier when it was at it's worst! I was worried we would loose power and had sourced a gas heater we could borrow in that event! Our oil tank had blown over earlier in the day as there wasn't much oil in it! It was crazy here, luckily no trees really up this high!

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    very wet in conwy valley and blowing a gale most of the time. at least there plenty of fire wood around

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    Told you that you should have stayed in tropical Scotland

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    we got gales n heavy rain again in Sussex tonight same as since end of November I moved from Derbyshire cause of the weather now we got it here lol

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    Spoke to my mother in mid Wales, near the coast and she said it was horrendous lately, as I spoke to her the council (or contractors thereof) were chopping up the fallen trees behind her house.

    Easy life over here in east Anglia in comparison. Take care boys Bach!

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    Not been to bad here, odd trees down and bits of damage but could have been a lot worse. Although landing in Manchester at 16:30 on Wednesday was rather hairy.
    "you've only got three choices in life - give up, give in or give it all you've got"

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    Been bad here on Anglesey to although not suffered any damage my self plenty about, absolutely lashing it down again and blowing a gale stay safe people.

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    Got away with it here again in sunny Wigan, a bit windy blew the trampoline up against the fence and a few small tree branches down but nothing bad.
    Just hope everyone who has been affected stays safe and gets back to normal ASAP

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