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Thread: Quad or RTV/Mule/Gator

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    Quad or RTV/Mule/Gator

    My quad is officially dead.

    I have always used quads for work and stalking. I am now in the position where funds may allow an upgrade to a Kubota RTV, Kawasaki Mule or possibly a John Deere Gator.

    Main use is for transporting fencing materials etc around all sorts of terrain (very wet and muddy at the mo) Plenty of trailer towing. No road use.

    Are RTVs etc as good off road as a quad, in particular on wet muddy fields? I am aware of the pros and cons of quads, can anyone enlighten me on the pros and cons of RTVs etc.

    Of those members using RTVs etc which is the preferred manufacturer ?



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    I use a gator brilliant so long as you have it with all terrain tyres. Stick it in 4 wheel drive and go any where with it. Pulled a land cruiser and trailer out of the mud the other day. Only issue I have is that due to lack of power washing got lots of mud/stones in disc brake and needed new pads and drums! As you can carry more with gator you dont need to pull trailer which will will sink or clog up.

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    I've recently bought a Mule after having used them extensively in work. We use them when filming on rough locations, load them with masses of gear, hook trailers full of stuff on the back etc. Easier to drive than quads for people not used to that sort of thing and for small loads don't need trailers which you would with a quad. Very practical but a quad will have the edge in off road performance.

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    I'd never go back to a quad after an rtv. My favourite (luckily ) after extensive demo'ing and practical experience by many of my keeper friends and I is the Polaris Ranger. All the running gear is up out of the mud, they're awesome off road and have the largest towing capacity. Also does 40mph And they've got a two year warrenty.
    My dad runs a dealership too and can cover the new forest if you need a quote.....

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    Remember an RTV is not a replacement for a quad, they aren't as nimble, light or as fast over the ground as a quad, you need a bigger trailer to transport them and the petrol versions are thirsty beasts.

    I have a Polaris Ranger XP 700 EFi, great tool for the job it was made for, good payload, good towing capacity and the best ground clearance and suspension travel of all the RTVs.

    In our testing the Kubota was too heavy and I didn't like the hydrostatic drive, the Mule had shocking suspension travel, it got cross axled and bellied really easily and the Gator had virtually NO engine braking and it also suffered from belt slip when wading water.

    Polaris ticked all the boxes.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Whatever you go for DON'T get a Kubota.
    They won't pull your hat off, they get stuck for fun and if the transmission goes wrong I understand it is big money.

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    Got a Trans Mule 3010. Went well but felt the bumps; then got a lift kit and it's great now. Run 26" mud tyres in the winter and 24" standard tyres in the 'dryer' months - make sure you have high ply ratings as they will roll on tyres when cornering. It is a diesel which is great on economy but as with most 25mph. I have quads as well but RTV's are far safer and better load carrying and will hold their own against quads with the right tyres.

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    I can't sing the praises of the jd gator enough , and if you want to try it by all means come round and have a go .i replace it every 2 years when the warranty expires .

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    if you want a rtv, get a john deere gator, I have one at work, make sure you get the bighorn tyres on it, I haven't had it stuck and ive put in in some odd places.... but I also have a can-am outlander 500, quad and it is a serous bit of kit, it goes well, pulls like a train, and not to thirsty, I would stay away from the Kubota or the mule tho.... there bad news. but I have herd good things about the Polaris buggy.... but if you want a quad go with can-am, ive had Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and they aint as good.

    just my opinion


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    We run both a John Deere HPX Diesel Gator and a Mule 4010.

    Both the Gator and Mule are very good machines both with pro's and con's.

    The Mule has a larger seating area/roll frame and is generally a stronger machine. The transmission is sealed unlike the earlier Gators and the steering and brakes are better.
    However when parts need replacing on the Mule they are very expensive.

    The Gator's Yanmar engine is better and has so far been trouble free. The Mule has had a new head (800+) due to cracking.
    The Gator's front wheel bearings don't last long in wet conditions but are cheap to replace. The mule on the other hand has cost a fortune in wheel bearings.

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