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Thread: advice on better wellington boots

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    advice on better wellington boots

    Hi all can anyone advise on wellingtons that might last awhile I have several farmers that frail the hedges each year and as asked I clear rabbit and fox on these at night mostly and of course every year the hawthorns puncture my wellington boots, as all these farms are walked, I've now got 4 pair of good boots with no wear on them but all leak, I don't get on well with walking boots but have had a try with LC Frenchies but these too Secom to the dreaded thorns any thoughts please?

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    Try leather ones, meindl, dubarry, harkila, etc I have dubarry and really rate them
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    These are brilliant I have punctured them once on said hawthorns but the hole closed over and they have yet to leak very good boots.

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    I use waterproof rigger boots, screwfix start them at about 60. If you get some make sure they are waterproof not all rigger boots are.
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    Training my spaniels I use 1 pair of Aigle Parcours wellingtons a year. With hard use that's the best you get. When they get punctured I sometimes repair than with a bycicle repair set.

    Le Chameau ( Vierzon) is certainly stronger, but a bit loose for me. I like a tight fitting wellie.

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    I am using at the moment some muckboots, horse stable type for four or five seasons now still warm i only wear ordinary house socks still dry dont sweat and light on your feet the materials more like plastic so no thorns penetrate ,top halfs neoprene ,bought on spur at horse sale le champoo i bought lasted three months!

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    If anyone wants summit to patch wellies or waterproof garments etc
    use "aqua sure" or "storm sure"

    used to use it to patch pinholes etc on diving dry suits without a patch
    stuff is bomb proof and the repair probably outlast the wellie !


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    any tips on finding the puncture in wellies?
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    Rubber/neoprene wellies and thorns don't mix, fact of life. As one of the previous posters suggested go for the leather type but they tend to be quite expensive.


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    If they are made out of rubber, fixing them is realy easy. Just like the inner tube of a bike. Rubber glue won't work on polyerethane ( muckboots).
    Muckboots , I have Tay sports, aren't as comfortable as Aigle and lethal on wet hard surfaces.

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