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Thread: 204r L/H rifle

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    204r L/H rifle

    As title looking for a 204r Left Hand rifle what you got ??

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    There was a cooper 204 on guntrader not long back for 600 pound. Come with a spare stock also

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    Yes saw that seems to be sold was originally mine sold it about 8 yrs ago was a tack driver and a spare mcmillan A5 stock

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    why not find a good action and build one. there wass a stainless tikka m595 lefthanded 222 for sale. that make a nice rebarrel

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    Yes I think that is going to be my best option

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-08Ai View Post
    Yes I think that is going to be my best option
    You're too idle to look around

    There isn't almost nothing new on the shelf for left-handers, but this is what you're after within your budget...........the CZ 527 American comes in true Lefthand form in only 2 calibres - .223 and (I know not why) .204 Ruger.

    Get one before CZ discontinue this option or the calibre dies.

    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    You can get a T3 S/S Varmint left hand special order in .204

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