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Thread: Brno 581/ CZ 511 16 shot magazine (.22lr )

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    Brno 581/ CZ 511 16 shot magazine (.22lr )

    As per the title, the 8 shot magazines are not exactly easy to pick up, this is the much rarer 16 shot single stack blued metal magazine, basically a longer version of the 8 shot. The blueing is quite worn in parts but does not effect the operation, to the best of my knowledge you cannot buy these magazines new anymore .

    The magazine is from a BRNO 581, the 16 shot version has a small metal belt welded to it halfway down the magazine at the front (presumably to stop it rocking back and forth in the 581 magwell) dimensions must have changed very slightly from the 581 to the 511 as this stops it being fully inserted into the newer CZ511 by about a millimeter or two, the belt however can be filed very slightly to allow it to fit the CZ511 (I have another magazine where this has been done to get it to fit my CZ 511)

    price is 53 including postage to the UK

    ( as a price comparison , the last 8 shot version I found new cost 40 several years ago )

    Please PM me if you want this.
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