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    Swedish Lapland

    I'll be in Kiruna for a few days the week after next; I understand that this is a major hunting area, although unfortunately I won't have the opportunity to go out myself. Does anyone have any knowledge of the town and the surrounding area? I might be able to get few spare hours, and was wondering what there might be of interest....gunshops etc?

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    Try Vildmarkshörnan, Föreningsgatan 7, 981 31 Kiruna They are Interjakt agents so should have a few guns in stock. Don't for get to go to the super market or paper shop and buy your Swedish shooting mags. Allways good to read the pictures. Enjoy the far frozen north.

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    Could always pop into the ice hotel ( about 17k's @ jukkasjarvi) and have a specialist schnapps/vodka in an actual ice some ice hole fishing for the char should be plenty about, take a dog sled ride which is also a great experience or better still crack open a can of sturstromming!!
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    Thanks, lads. We've got a couple of nights in the ice hotel, and will track down some sturstomming (will give it a try whatever it is!). Not sure if I'll be able to fit in any fishing, but dog sledding has been booked. The trip's a present from my wife, planned around hoping to see the northern lights...the itinerary said we should see some moose, which would be just as special for me.

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    Well the 'top of the world' is a special place, i suggest having some Vodka available at all time..especially to wash down the sturstromming..enjoy

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    AH, forgot about the surströmming. A once in a life time experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    AH, forgot about the surströmming. A once in a life time experience
    good for fox bait though

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