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Thread: Badger Prints?

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    Badger Prints?

    Saw these prints yesterday morning coming from direction of a wood onto newly harvested sugar beet field. Are they made by a badger? Thanks David

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    Looks like a small badger

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    Looks like a badger to me as has 5 toe/claw marks, dogs only have 4.

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    without a shadow of doubt a badger , was you surprised to see them where they were ?

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    I live and mainly shoot in North Norfolk, am out all hours, and have yet to see a badger! Thanks gents for your confirmations.

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    Funny thing badgers, I have lived in this housing estate for 11 years now and foxes are an everyday sight.
    But badgers, no, never seen one or had any reason to think there are any in the area, until last week, when
    I saw the first one ran across the road in front of me, nearly hit the bloody thing, since then I have seen 9 more.
    I can only assume the rain has flooded them out of their set and left them with no where to hide


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    Badger with a Nissan if I'm not mistaken?

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    Yes a badger with common sense as opposed to a badger with a land rover!

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