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Thread: styer mannlicher

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    styer mannlicher

    hi,i,m thinking of buying a 2nd hand styer prohunter in .270 and i just wanted to know are there anythings i should watch out for, i have been told that the gun has had very little use ,i,m going to look at it tomorrow so any advice would be appreciated,thanks the scudd.

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    My advice would be dont bother going to look at it.
    I had a 243 prohunter which wouldn't shoot consistently. The bolt handle shoots up with a clunk as you push the safety off... I could go on. Suffice to say I hate the damned things. I got a full refund and bought a Tikka 595.

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    Check the internal plastic magazine housing, I know of at least 4 different rifles that have cracked!

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    Don't buy a model 1. The forestock on the plastic stock is a bloody joke.

    Generally the model 2 is the same as the model 1 but with the faults fixed.

    They can be ammo fussy, but the owners of both models i know of have settled on sako rounds.

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    Love my series 2...not all that fussy on ammo, not probs with stock (and I do use a bipod) and once you've tried that trigger you won't want anything else. Only complaint is the weight.

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    Mannlicher's are quirky beasts. People tend to love them or hate them.

    I like them a lot, they tend to be very accurate with good triggers. The safety system is very good, possibly the best out there. There is no need to lock the bolt down and have it clunk back up when going into battery, just ignore that function.

    The major down side is the forend. Very flexible on the series one, much better, but not perfect on the Prohunter 2. It can be stiffened if necessary.

    I would probably take one over most other rifles in that price bracket.

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    get 2 different people to shoot it off the bipod - see if it groups well for both in the same place - mine didnt - once i had stiffened it and shot about 300 rounds it seemed to be a bit better. i sold it in the end as a lost cause.

    i would buy a second hand blaser R93 over a prohunter - but then i am very biased.

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    I booked three DSC2 outings and had to use an estate rifle as Strathclyde Police had not processed my application on time (well it is now 13 weeks and I am still waiting....). The rfile was Steyr Prohunter in 308W. It grouped well on the range and I shot 3 does with it no problem. I also like the safety. You do not need to push the bolt down.
    I also used old Steyr Mannlicher Luxus with wooden stock and I think they are one of the best rifles you can buy.


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    I have used a steyr-mannlicher scout in 308w for several years now, all I can say is I am in the process of buying a second one in 243w. Super quality and more accurate than 99.9% of shooters.

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    I bought a Steyr Luxus back in the Summer.
    Today the postman knocked my door with a package to be signed for.
    Guess what !! a very nice letter thanking me for buying a Steyr rifle and a Baseball Cap with Steyr emblazoned on the front!!!
    I have often thought about wearing a baseball cap back to front to get more speed out of my car but never really thought about wearing one while shooting
    Steyr obviously take their marketing very seriously.
    Oh by the way, the rifle is a good bit of kit too.
    Each barrel, I have one in .243 and one in .30-06, comes with a picatiny rail attached to it, so taking it to pieces for transporting does not pose a problem with accuracy when re-mounting the 'scope.

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