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    Hello All

    I joined the site several years ago, but shortly after joining suffered computer problems, so unfortunately never really had much chance to use the site. As such I thought it made sense to write a short introduction.

    Im based between Leeds and York, having lived up this way for around 4 years.

    ive been interested in game shooting and fishing since I was a small boy and studied game management after school. I then went on to Harper Adams where I took a degree in land management. I now work in the uplands of northern England providing advice to land managers and farmers on sustainable farming and moorland management. Whilst I was a student I worked in Invernessshire and I became increasingly interested in deer management. This eventually led me to arranging some stalking near Blair Atholl, facilitated by a kind friend. Since then (2008) I acquired my FAC and have saved hard to buy myself a well looked after sako L579 (308) and swarovski z6. I stalk whenever I can and try to make an annual trip to cull hinds with a stalker friend in Lochaber and make more regular trips to shoot muntjac and roe with a keeper pal near Oxfordshire. I also love converting my hard earned carcasses into sausages and salami and find this very rewarding. I'm keen to learn from others on the site and to hear of other people's stalking experiences. Best wishes

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi mate welcome back I had the same problems after a move lots of useful help here good luck. C

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