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Thread: New trigger for a howa 1500

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    New trigger for a howa 1500

    hi do any of you fella,s know where i can get a new trigger for my howa,if possible one which an be set. thanks the scudd

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    Hmmm not really the only one I can think who might be able to help is Kepplinger and then it's going to cost some dosh! It might be easier to change the rifle to one that comes with a sett trigger, probably cost less in the long run.

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    I'm not sure but believe that a replacement trigger to fit the Remington 700 will also fit the Howa 1500.
    A good gunsmith should be able to do something with your present trigger or you can adjust it yourself information available on the web.
    I believe that the trigger fitted isn't exactly the same as the Remington but that the basic fitting is the same. Check with Jackson rifles and South Yorkshire shooting supplies, both have websites.

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    A kepplinger for a REM700 if it will fit from Brownells is about $170 and you will probably need a letter to state that an import/export liscence is not required (guntrader forum used to have an explanation to do this)
    Happy New Year

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    Just get the trigger tuned.
    I had a tuned trigger set at 700grams, best trigger I've ever had.
    I think Pete Lincoln at Roedale is a master at understanding and tuning this trigger way down. Normally a good gunsmith should be able to get this trigger sorted. Apparently much easier to tune reliably than a factory remmy trigger.
    Don't think a remmy trigger can fit a howa.

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    As said above SYSS do the Rifle Basix kit
    Whats wrong with the trigger now, mines not bad

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    There is nothing wrong with the standard Howa trigger, they just need setting up properly, However, there is a member on here who has replaced his factory trigger groups & has retained them, if you just wanted a replacement trigger group?, I think the thread was Adjusting a Howa trigger in either the equipment section, or the tips one? possibly by Pippa.

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    I use rifle basix or timneys in my howas. rem 700 triggers will not fit the 700 trigger is held in with pins the howa with a singel screw. rifle basix can be adjusted from 12oz to 3lb.
    ATB sean

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    I second the Rifle Basix from SYSS. Transformed mine, the original had a heavy pull and also some creep which I tried to adjust out but then the safety didn't work and I couldn't be a***d to start stoning bits off the internals

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    Hairy, you just went too far! All the Howas that I have come across/owned/used friends, have had excellent triggers, once you have taken the creep out & adjusted the pull weight down, no need to polish parts etc; I have zero trouble shooting out to 600yds with the Howa trigger group that came on mine, the original fault that afflicted mine was just human error at the factory, the one responsible for applying the rtv locking compound missed the screw locknut!, so it had slowly altered itself under recoil. Steve.

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