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Thread: Labrador Bitch Pup

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    Labrador Bitch Pup

    Hi all as title says, I have decided that it is that time again after looking at my old labs grey face. I have missed her daughters season thought she was coming into season but never happened. As she is now six year and never had a litter I think she is to old now so I'll have to buy in.
    This would have been fourth gen if I took a litter of her, but heho time for new blood so to speak, as my yellow bitch is nine, black bitch six, and my ess is now two. How time flies.
    OK to the pup it must be from very good working stalk all health papers hips, eyes, elbows etc. colour not that important for right pup, will travel for right pup (500 mile round trip for my ess)
    I don't field trial most is picking up two/three days a week mid week is average 150/200 bird days so it will be kept busy.
    If anyone can help find right pup that would be great.

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