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Thread: Which bullet to go with?

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    Which bullet to go with?

    Hi guys

    so picked up my .308 rifle and starting to reload . Going to the shooting show tomorrow and going to pick supply's up.

    The he guy I bought the rifle off recomended 165 gr Hornady soft point interlocks for deer (all) and 110 Hornady v-max BT for a foxing/varmint round.

    So what I was thinking is if I can't get these bullets what is the next thing to try. I was also told Sierra gamekings 150gr would be good and also the match kings for target.

    Now ow as I'm still starting I don't want to have to buy 5 different bullet types and 10 powders etc.

    I currenlty have enough vit n150 for about 50 or so rounds and was looking at getting Hodgson 4148 (I think) for the 110gr.

    Can anypoint me in a good (nice price bracket as money's tight) starting point.

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    I load 308 with N140, 36grains. I use 150grain interbond for deer and 150grain FMJ for down the range, that keeps it simple don't even need to mess about with the scope!

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    As above 150gr and N140. I use 46 gr not 36 but each rifle is different. Touching rounds at 100yards.

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    try 125grain nosler ballistic tip for all round shooting. very good knock down and trajectory.

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    Your going to get a lot of suggestions for that chambering as its so popular!

    who knows what's going to be accurate in your rifle, but as for performance of a particular bullet, and since you mentioned them, 150grn Sierra Gamekings are a very good bullet, cheap, accurate (in my rifle) but more importantly cause very little damage at 308 velocities while still performing as they should do. I use them mainly on Sika and occasionally roe and would never change now for any UK deer species.

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    Im on 150grn gamekings with varget. My has used gamekings and noslers both 150 with varget and vit 140.


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    Quote Originally Posted by the prowler View Post
    try 125grain nosler ballistic tip for all round shooting. very good knock down and trajectory.
    Another good bullet. Ive a few loaded with varget to try. Just for hinds on the hill.


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    150 pro hunters with h4895 for me

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    i'll rebel and say I use 150 grain sst with 44.5 or 45.5 grains of h4895 depending on whats to hand....the 45.5 shoot a lot better though

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    I use 43.5grns of N140 under a 150grn Nosler BT or 45grns of N140 under a Sierra 150grn SP (#2125)

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