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Thread: A Good Days work

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    A Good Days work

    For some time now Robin has been shooting a piece of land with a 25acre wood and a nice open area overlooking a lake. Close to the house is a steep bank and we have always sat on the bank and shot off of sticks, which i have never found easy, i suggested that it would be an ideal place for some kind of shooting seat, the owner of the house agreed so we scrounged some chestnut post from another member of this site(thanks John) and today set about building it. When we arrived we counted 25 or more fallow in the valley below our position but these soon moved off when we started work. It took about an hour to erect the seat then we trimmed a few overhanging branches to give us a clear view of the area below. Back to the car for a late lunch then Robin went for a walk and i went back and sat in our new seat, about half an hour later a group of Fallow came out of the woods and stood about 120 yards from the seat, a doe stood just right and down she went, so the new seat was christened within two hours of erecting it,
    cheers Geoff

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    A nice days work!

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    Well done, good job!
    I remember setting up the base platform of a new highseat, getting on it with a caping chair and taking my first Sika spiker about an hour later....

    Waidmannsheil, it will be a productive seat for sure!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    I'm sure Alex (csl) Andy (tika308) and Wadashot will remember this bank as they have all shot deer from here, although Andy missed at the time, we later went for a walk round and he potted two to make up for it. . Although the wood is small there have been large numbers present for the last 35 years that I have shot it, I once counted 67 laying on the lawn in front of the lake, and there are always two rutting stands, one either end of the wood and some good bucks among them. So long may it continue.
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    Looks just the job
    Atb Steve

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    Nice report Geoff looking forward to getting back out there with you both

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    Remember it well, nice one.

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