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Thread: cocker spaniel puppy

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    cocker spaniel puppy

    I will be picking up my new pup on 1st feb ,as it is my first dog I need plenty of advice.What problems will i get in the first few days and nights and how do I deal with them .The pup will be caged at night in the house but will be in a kennel and run during the day except for the first week as I have taken a week of work.I have bought books but nothing beats advice from experienced owners , any advice would be great


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    hi deerstalker ive had cockers my whole life as has my farther if you need a hand or any advice send me a pm and ill try to point you in the right direction dont worry about what anyone tells you about mad cockers etc a little bit of time will turn them into a multi purpose dog that will do any thing tracking deer to retriving geese brilliant dog and good fun as well

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    When you have a bad day a cocker will allways make you smile

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    confusing message to pup

    to avoid conffising the pup I would have it inside in a cage for the first couple of nights, ignore any noise, then put it out in the kennel
    When it is settled into your kennels have it in now and again for longer and longer.
    make sure it goes out at night
    If you have close neigbours this can cause ploblems
    Try putting it in the garage if this is the case
    Afraid tuff love may be required, this depends on your familys approach
    Try not to confuse the pup

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