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Thread: FAC Stalker Jaguar .22 L/H

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    FAC Stalker Jaguar .22 L/H

    As Title .22 Stalker Jaguar L/H This is the model based on the excellent Daystate Huntsman, currently running at 30ftIbs fitted with parker hale silencer , superb thumbhole stock originally cost over 1400 can be sent to a dealer of your choice 395 would swap for a scope of the same value
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    Thats stunning mate!!!! I remember drowning over them in air gun world when I was a young pup! Ended up with a tiger 10 for a while but not a patch on the jaguar!! Good luck with the sale!!

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    Bump for a classic

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    Last bump open to sensible offers

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    Final try before it stays in the cabinet

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    Back up need the space open to sensible offers for this stunning classic

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-08Ai View Post
    Back up need the space open to sensible offers for this stunning classic
    I'm interested - two key questions:

    Does it have a regulator?
    Do you have the original stock for it?

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    That is the original stock as supplied by Stalker, and its not regulated

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    Surely someone for this awesome classic

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