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Thread: Western union

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    Western union

    Hi Guys
    Has anyone had experience with accepting money via western union from another country? I have an item for sale and the prospective buyer would like to pay via western Union provided postage costs are reasonable, I have never used this method before. I would very much appreciate any information on this.

    many thanks

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    Be very careful. I wuld never accept payment through Western Union. They are well known for allowing fund reversals. The fact that they are Nigerian scammers' favourite method of payment should speak volumns...

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    Don't do it! Not trustworthy at all.
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    A no-no, from personal, bitter experience.
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    +1 Stay well clear!

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    I wouldn't do it if I were you , especially if they are asking for the item to be sent to Lagos (Nigeria)!

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    I have accepted payment this way. Once the purchaser gave me the relevant transaction details, I went to a shop which was an agency for Western Union, collected cash from there and only then did I post the goods.
    As long as the cash is in your hand rather than in some account, what can go wrong?

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    Paypal is much safer and more convenient.. WU is risky and the 1st choice for crooks.... Good Luck....

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    Quote Originally Posted by daven View Post
    Paypal is much safer and more convenient.. WU is risky and the 1st choice for crooks.... Good Luck....
    Try accepting PayPal payment for something then having the purchaser lying about the transaction. PP will refund the purchaser without even contacting you.
    I would rather not sell than use PayPal.

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