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Thread: Any thoughts about the Harris BiPod 13.5-27 Swivel...?

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    Any thoughts about the Harris BiPod 13.5-27 Swivel...?

    Hi All!
    After some very good experiences with the Harris Bipod 13.5-27 swivel action up in the Welsh mountains, I am thinking about getting one on one of my guns...
    It will fit perfect my needs, and will allow me to shoot in different positions, perfect for my terrrain. A may also leave the sticks at home..?

    So, do you have any experiences with them, do you know where to get them with a great value offer, or do you have any experiences with some cheaper alternatives?

    Thanks for any answers and support!


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    I regularly have my longer bipod fitted as it means I can sit with my back to something solid and have the rifle sat in my shoulder, leaving both hands free glassing... Pain in the butt to stalk with as you need to close it all up to move, but for "ambush" purposes it's great.

    There are cheaper options than Harris, but I won't buy anything else - you'll save maybe £30 on RRP, which in the great scheme of things is nothing. They occasionally come up on here secondhand and a chunk less than the £100ish new price. There are more expensive options as well, and some folks swear by those as well... Horses for courses I guess
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    You may find a shorter set of sticks offer more flexibility. The big bipod is very specific and in deep heather it seemed a better idea than it turned out to be.

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    There was a guy selling a detachable carbon fibre bipod at the show - £225 but was a very smart idea... I'll see if I can find his business card.

    I use a Harris 9-13 tilting and it's a wonderful bit of kit, worth looking at the carbon fibre though

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    Thanks for your comments....
    I use a 9-13 variation already, I just thought a longer one will allow shooting when sitting, and being a bit further up above the vegetation...?
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    I have the 5 to 9 and the 13 to 27 both are swivel type with pod locks, the small one is used more, either for shooting over the
    bonnet or zeroing, and as a rifle support for maintenance. The long one is good but rarely used, on the face of it it should be ideal
    for sitting and kneeling shots, the truth is I use short sticks more and more, and have recently gone back to using my very first set
    of sticks which were shop bought and about 36 inches long, they have a rubber tube top loop and can be left dangling from the rifle
    while it is slung over your shoulder, they cost about £30 and are far more adaptable then the big bipod.


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    They are spot on for sitting shots or when the grass or heather are a tad long. My rifle always wears one.


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    Use one if iam sitting out handy in long grass snow etc sitting .also use small size bean poll quad sticks find them even better full hands free and rifle off the ground £6 home made

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    Yes it works for me and a good piece of kit to have.

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    I have one and it's never left my rifle since the day it was bought, great bit of kit. I stalk with it no problem at all and really handy for sitting shots, especially when the cover gets up.

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