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Thread: Alan wood or similar English made. Fish & trout / caping blade

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    Alan wood or similar English made. Fish & trout / caping blade

    Hi Guys

    looking for a small stainless, non porous scales knife, that would suit as a caping blade.
    English made like Alan wood or similar

    any info greatly appreciated, or if you have one stashed in the man cave not getting used



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    Hi i have a Russell Easler (now deceased) 8 1/2" overall 4" blade stainless bolsters, handle has premium sambar stag scales with red liners on a tapered tang steel is ATS34, tan leather sheath signed 04 never used or sharpened, would take 300 incuding insured postage pics by email

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    Try sending dougster on here a pm, he has some knives for sale at the moment and his work is exceptional

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    Try sending mmbeatle a PM, he might be able to help.

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    It's not English, but this little beauty came from one of the Nordic makers on BritishBlades. It was a lovely knife to use for preparing a mess of loch trout as well as this grilse:

    If you want the details of the maker just let me know.

    It's very similar to a James Sponaugle knife I bought from a member on here.

    I really like these small blades, as they are incredibly versatile. If mostly you're shooting roe and muntjac then you really don't need anything bigger.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Try amberleaf from Chichester , you will get a genuine custom, great knives for the money.

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