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Thread: Winchester 70 in .270

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    Winchester 70 in .270

    Hi all Just testing the water really, thinking of selling my Winchester model 70 in .270. Its stainless synthetic 24" barrel screw cut 1/2" UNF. I was told it had under 200 rounds through it when i bought it and i have put under 30 through it since owning it. I have got myself a .243 for the majority of my stalking (Roe, Fallow Doe and Muntjak) and was going to just use the .270 for Fallow bucks in the rut, Sika and Red stags. but realistically it may only get used once or twice a year. The pic shows it in its factory stock but at the moment its in a bell and Carlson one. Looking at 450 in factory stock or 600 in Bell and Carlson stock. S&B Scope and mounts are not included but will be for sale if the rifle goes as will the ASE Utra stainless .30 mod. A set of 1 inch stailess mounts will be included as in the pics

    Attachment 38158Attachment 38898Attachment 38899Attachment 38900Attachment 38897Attachment 38901Attachment 38902
    here is a 6 shot group at 97 yards with factory ammo winchester 130gn powerpoints
    Attachment 38192
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    seems like the 270 is still not that popular or is it because its a model 70?

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    Winchester Mod 70 what the yanks call "The riflemans rifle"


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    someone let him know ive pm'd him

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243vmax View Post
    someone let him know ive pm'd him
    replied to mate

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    no longer for sale going to keep it in the cabinate

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