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    Smile A few words

    A few words to introduce myself to to all the ladies and gents who frequent this site . I stalk over approximately 3000 acres mainly for muntjac and roe with the occasional fallow . Over the last few yrs ive been trying to build the numbers of deer on ground which i have the soul shooting rights on including leaving some prize bucks to sow their seeds in turn leaving their legacy for future stalkers and hopefully some medal heads for clients and friends this coming season PM me if you fancy some stalking .Well im not sure what else i should put in my introduction to yourselves except WALK AND GLASS TILL DUSK HAS PAST or HOPE AND PRAY AT THE BREAK OF DAY .

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    Welcome, you do realise that to advertise you hqave to become a trade member.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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