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Thread: Best gloves

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    Best gloves

    I suffer from poor circulation resulting in cold hands,now is there any suggestions re best gloves for deer stalking,I use a crook for on the hill,so not looking for bulky gloves,are harkila gloves worth the money????.


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    what about fingerless gloves under goretex mittens?

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    i use macwet climate gloves their a reasonable price as well,stick them on the dashboard of the car goin to the grounds and by the time you get out and get them on their nice and warm hardly loosing heat

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    +1 on the macwets but also seal skin ultra grips I've got both they are so good try them on first if you can bazil

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    Army Surplus mitts, and when it's really cold, fine gloves inside them. A good hat helps too and I keep lightweight scarf in my bag. It can take me a mile's walk to warm up sometimes. Regards JCS
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    I think mittens are the way forward!

    Milsurp goretex are good, but a very good alternative would be ones knitted from pure wool. One advantage of pure wool is that it will keep you warm even when it is soaked through.

    A decent pair of mitts will keep your hands warmer than a pair of gloves.

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    My old diving 3mm diving gloves
    Neoprene...... Gets wet they hold a layer water next to your skin and its heated by yer body
    Hands are wet but warm
    Can get thinner 2mm for dexterity if you want
    Northern Diver Superstretch Scuba Diving Dive Divers Neoprene Gloves 2mm / 5mm | eBay

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    Macwet gloves but with one of those open packet to activate handwarmer sachets dropped into each glove.
    They look like a bulky teabag and last about 6 hours, only about 50p each from ebay if you buy in bulk.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    got some deerhunter winter gloves ,used on the marsh in dire weather warm n toasty.but if im deffo getting soaked then its my neoprene gloves from aldi 5.99 and keep warm when bigscott said gloves on the dash vents on the way to shoot will gain your lotsa warm time in the field

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    Just started using the Le Chameau chasseur gloves and am very very pleased with them. Not cheap, but then what is?

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