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    S&b 10x42

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about getting this scope for a .270 I am collecting this week, I want the rifle for hind culling and as my go to gun for stalking and perhaps a little foxing.I liked the idea of a fixed mag because I feel it is less to go wrong and I am hoping it will stand up to being knocked in the truck abit more than the variable scopes out there. I just wonderd if anyone had this scope for stalking and if so how they find it, also if anyone has any other suggestions for a bullet proof scope for a work rifle then please let me know. Thanks a lot

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    Hi Tomm,
    Although i have a S&B in 6x42 and 8x56, i have had the 6x42 for what must be over 15 years now, it has had all kinds of abuse, i shot too many deer and foxes to mention, never had a problem, i myself would steer away from a fixed 10x mag scope but that is just my personal preference.
    The 8x56 is brilliant at last light and whilst i have only owned it for 3 years i can't fault it, perhaps a happy medium for what you are looking for?

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    Had the Schmidt in 10x42 in a klassik, and in the pmII versions, still have one in PMII and it's all your ever need
    Great in the open, Only thing I would say maybe a little over power for in round the woods at close quarters, but they are certainly bullet proof, (pun intended)

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    I have a 10x42 on my 300wm

    works a charm
    wouldnt want to use it in close quarters combat but am sure it would work just fine

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    I bought one today go on a .223
    Hoping it will be ok, I have used a 6x42 before on a .223 and it was a bit lacking in mag, this should fix that.


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    Fantastic scopes, a 25yd muntjac in thick cover is a challenge but anything bigger/further is game on..

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    ideal, most of my shots are between 70 and 150 ish yards so im hoping it will fit the bill nicley, hoping it will be a sweet combo. tikka t3 stainless synthetic, this scope and a hardy mod, thanks all

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    Mine has just arrived, and ten minutes later the postman delivered the shiny new Racknagel rings


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    S&B 10X42 is an excellent open ground scope and really well made tough as nails it's made for a 270.........

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