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Thread: Rifle slips

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    Rifle slips

    Hi all can anyone recommend a quality slip that will take a 56 mil scope bipod and possibly a mod sick of buying cheap slips that don't last and are to small I'm not after any tactical looking drag bag jobs just a good slip thanks in advance

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    It isn't especially high quality or posh but I've been using one of these for quite a few years and it has survived well. In saying that I don't carry the rifle in the slip a lot so it isn't like it is on the hill every day in it. The rifle has an 8X56, bipod and an ASE mod that adds about 6 inches to the barrel and is quite substantial, though it is a Blaser R93 which might be a little shorter than most:

    GMK Green/Brown Bipod Rifle Slip |

    Seems to be out of stock but I'm sure somewhere will have one.
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    These are really good, nice and strong, quality zips and well padded.BLACKHAWK! Scoped Rifle Case - BLACKHAWK!

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    Harkila skane not cheap but it is quality.

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    Try croots, contact them directly. They made me a made to measure bespoke rifle slip about three years ago in their classic tough red malton range.

    I wanted an extra wide classic looking slip to handle a mod, big scope and bi-pod with cobra strap and handles, (zip and buckle) and it was brilliant. Dont have the rifle for it anymore so would actually sell it. Let me know.

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    Just had a look at crooks lovely gear but a little rich for me you can pm me a price but I'd hazard a guess it will be abit out of my league

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    simple ansa is a aim drag bag pm me if you need further assistance
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    multi mans selling them on here cheap/padded.doug.
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    ogdens shooting bag was going to buy one at the shooting show but didn't have the right size he'd sold out

    Atb Matt

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    Quality Gunslips - Hand Made Gunslips, Sporting Bags, Luggage and Sundry Items
    (QGL) great slips hand made to your own specifications, great service and friendly advice.


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