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Thread: High Seat Vandalism

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    High Seat Vandalism

    I was out after does this afternoon and had the good fortune to be successful. As it was early it thought I'd go and check the nearest high seat, however some soap dodging git had got there before me and cut the retaining ropes, bent the legs and the support (fortunately it's only a cheapo summit seat but it was still 100)

    My question is, should I report it to the constabulary? If so then is it vandalism, criminal damage or even a breach of health and safety law by damaging safety equipment?

    I think I will have to go back to handmade wooden seat as these seem to be left alone.
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    Aggravated trespass with criminal damage.
    I would report it, doubt they will send out csi, but at least it is logged.
    Try sticking a sign next to it, saying your a bird watcher? Might leave it alone then but doubt it.

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    Definately report it and get a crime number.
    Should it happen again do the same again and then if and when you catch the beggar you may be able to get some sort of response/action by the police

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    yep, absolutely report it.

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    Report it, if they don't know its happening they can't do anything about it, don't expect miracles in that someone will be caught asap, but rural crime is massively under reported in my experience, hence there are so few rural policing policies, much to the frustration of the officers on the beat!

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    I agree. Report it! The time it takes is minimal, so even if nothing comes of it, you've lost nothing. The more you report things, the more likely it is the police will do something proactive.

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    It's nice having good quality high seats, but there's always someone weather they are a anti or not who takes great pleasure in smashing up someone else's property just because they can, I don't know what they are like and I will probably get one at the next game show I go too, is one of them portable high seats that you can fold down and carry around on your back , it's got to be the way forward:.)

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    Report it and stick a cam up and see if you can catch the fxxkers!

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    Makes no difference how good you buy or make something, someone can and will tear it up if given the chance... Just nature to some folks and bad luck fow some when the stars line up and one of the freaks happen to pass your stand when nobody is looking. Report it for sure, but if you could publicize it and make a point of pointing out that things will be watched with cameras and people (maybe even offer up rewards for info leading to catching any vandals in the future or ones that have already done damage. May be a deterrant... Happens quite a bit around here where folks will saw the higher ladder steps partway thru and hunters will get almost up then fall thru....

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