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Thread: muntjack in Scotland

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    muntjack in Scotland

    Help needed folks,

    Sometime back I recall reading a thread here on SD on Muntjack to be found in Scotland. This species is now the subject of debate in my stalking circle and I would be pleased to hear from fellow SD members of their experiences of Muntjack in Scotland. I would be particularly interested to learn where they have been seen and from any stalker that knows of any stalking opprtunities for them.

    Many thanks


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    Muntjack in Scotland

    Many thanks for this Paul...............

    I look forward to hearing of any updates.


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    fort wiliam 20years ago spotted a buck while working for scotish woodlands at the time never knew what it was now i travel to norfolk to shoot them toughf little buggers

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    They are in quite good numbers were i shoot but would not want to disclose were exactly mate the DCS are wanting a wipe out on alien species. and this weather will i am sure bring the numbers down any way.


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