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Thread: My Photography Portfolio

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    My Photography Portfolio

    Here's my photography portfolio, I've only just set it up. New photo's will be added of coarse. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and please feel free to share the link.

    Thank you,


    Matt Goodlife

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    Some lovely photos in there!

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    Some very nice photos there cougar , i would imagine a LOT of man hours , particuly with some of those 'busyer' birds , like wrens and dippers , they never stop moving eh! Keep it up !

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    Great photos Cougar, particularly like the Dogs and Deer sections.

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    Really liked the moths, did you set a moth trap with a light at night then photograph them during the day?


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    All of them were excellent thanks for sharing them with us.

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    very good, particularly liked the sunrises and sunsets.

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    fantastic skills there fella, i took three yesterday with my phone,i was pigeon shooting with shotgun every time i fired rabbits kept popping out for a look! i heard a rustle turned to shoot, six roe does staring at me ten yards away ,not clue what to do so i put down shottie took phone out and followed them for five mins got one shot of a doe peeping round a tree at me they were wondering what the hells that camo ed head to foot, funny as hell, mate didnt believe me till i showed him the picture ,i think i might be going back with a rifle this time,

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    Some really great shots in there with a lot of interesting subjects. It's a bit hard to choose my favourites as there's so many but I really enjoyed the Fungi portfolio. My eldest lad was really impressed and it's given him some inspiration with his A level in photography and BTEC in Media as he really wants to do more on wildlife.

    Great stuff, well done.

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