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Thread: Carrying deer without getting covered!

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    Carrying deer without getting covered!

    Not sure if there is a solution but just In case some one has come up with some ingenious way of carrying roe out with out (without spending lots on a roe sack) getting covered in blood? I don't have a roe sack and don't like the idea of having to cart one around with me.

    I might be asking the impossible but it doesn't hurt to ask!

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    IKEA do a huge carrier bag which folds flat and can take 25kg. Washable for re-use and costs 40p. Fits in a large pocket. Sorted!

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    Would you be able to carry it like a ruck sack or just like a suit case?

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    keep a black wellie bin liner in your pocket it does the trick , if its bucks tuck the head in between the fore legs and it shouldnt be a problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by The mighty buck View Post
    Would you be able to carry it like a ruck sack or just like a suit case?
    Loops are big enough to go over one shoulder, possibly both for a small deer. These make good roe sack liners too!
    Sounds like you want a rucksack without actually having one??!

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    Kind of if i could have some thing tucked away in a pocket that could then be used as a ruck sack when needed then that would be ideal! I carry my/clients rifle on my back and binos round my shoulders so don't really want a ruck sack to carry until I really need it. Hope that makes sense.

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    I have seen a leather sling with 4 loops attached that go on the legs.You then pop the deer on you shoulder like a handbag (or something similar that is more manly obviously ).

    I've had a look on t'internet but can't find one currently but i think it's an old german design.
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    What about a net with a shoulder strap?

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    Nothing wrong with a bit of blood, cut the front leg at the knee, not all the way through, leave the sinew at the back attached run knife along bone towards the foot, thread front foot through back leg at the cut you would normally make to hang your deer , bone will now act as a cross brace, thread arm through andut on shoulder, you can do the same with both legs for fallow and carry
    like a ruck sack.

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    Thats what is what I normally do but I don't like washing my stalking gear too much!

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