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Thread: I`d pay

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    I`d pay

    I`d quite happily donate something to the site , for them to use it in whatever way folks agreed on.

    I donate to The Hunting Life, and get far more from my fiver than I get from my TV license.

    Bring it on. A few folk saying they don`t fancy it shouldn't put you off.

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    Must be a Lothian thing,, all this generosity !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Must be a Lothian thing,, all this generosity !
    +2 .....Not quite

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    For what was originally asked I couldn't buy the Shooting Times,Sporting Gun or any of the other glossy mags for a quarter and I have had more interesting reading on here than through them.
    I do understand that it should be totally optional but even a donate button might be pressed by those wishing to support the bursary funding.
    I don't want a start by my name,or anything other than what I have now and I would imagine many members will feel like that.

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    Not me mate,, I want a flag, with "King Rake the magnanimous" on it

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    +1 happy to pay a small contribution: saw that's five scots and a Yorkshireman saying yes to paying money it must be the full moon

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