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Thread: Lincoln No2 28 bore O/U

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    Lincoln No2 28 bore O/U

    A Lincoln No2 28 bore O/U, 28" barrels, fixed choke. Probably fired around 1000 or so cartridges, a few minor dints in the woodwork, but mechanically perfect.
    My father bought this gun new to get my boy started shooting about 4-5 years ago. As such, it had a 2 & 1/2" section cut off the stock and a recoil pad fitted (nicely, by a proper gunsmith). Currently the LoP is about 12 & 1/2". We retained the piece with the original butt plate with the intention of re-fitting it, but haven't done it, as the kids are now big enough for my 20 bore. Re-fitted, the LoP would be about 14 & 1/2".
    Also have around 450 cartridges to go with the gun, 250 24g 6s, 200 18g 7s.
    Looking for around 500 all in, or could be interested in a p/x.
    I'll get photos up tomorrow.

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    PM sent- very interested in this. Whereabouts are you based?

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    Hi would be interested in this gun if still available

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    Can I just add. That I know malxwal well and he looks after his kit well
    I can vouch for his character for those. Who haven't bought from him before


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    Aye Paul, I try to, but I wish I could say my boy and his Grandad had been a bit more careful with this gun, but it is still A1 functionally and the metalwork is as new.

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