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Thread: Big Hello From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Big Hello From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    New old guy here, just joined. This is forum no. 16....great info for members of the firearms community on all the forums. I got directed here by a poster on Hunters Life and I start my search for info. on Parker Hale rifles.

    Every weekend, well almost every weekend, I'm either building a new load or topping up my reloads for a day at the range. I shoot pistol .22, 9mm, .38Special/357 Magnum and a number of rifle calibers - .22, 204 Ruger, 22-250, .243, .270 and 30-06. And a great friend of mine got me back into the hunting game about 15 years ago. Each fall we're off for a week or two of great outdoor adventures into the BC interior for mule deer, white tails and moose.

    Hope to get some great info from you guys.
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    Welcome to you I will look forward to hearing some stories from BC
    ATB Multiman

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome! Canada is one of those places to hunt that is on the bucket list!

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    Welcome, what a fabulous part of the world you live in. I spent a few months there on and off, along with a roadtrip from Vancouver to Nova Scotia and back. One of the few other places I'd happily up sticks and move to if I could.

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    Welcome Wayne I have been to Vancouver a few times I have relatives in Kelowna so I tend to fly into Vancouver.
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    Welcome from UK. I've not been to BC since 2009. Hunting is great over there and not to mention the fishing.



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    Hello there wellcome
    I'd love to have a look around Vancouver

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