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Thread: Muntjac stalking

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    Muntjac stalking

    As per the title, I am looking for muntjac stalking for up to 3 (most likely 2) on a weekend towards end of March/early April. Highseat is fine, location is preferably less than 2 hours from Telford or Wrexham.

    We are not after trophies, just getting out and hopefully putting something in the freezer. Preferably price will be a flat outing rate with no shot fees as I prefer not to have to think about extra cost on top of everything else when going to pull the trigger!

    Please PM with anything you have.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Steve,

    pm sent
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    contact jim@dgvm off here he charge 75 per outing on the muntjac (highseat shooting only) with no other charges at all, ive been there and shot 3 muntjac and a fox in two outings for 150 all in , you aint gonna beat that

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    Sorted now thanks

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