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Thread: fitting open sights

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    fitting open sights

    Hi guys I am after some help I want to fit open sights to two of my rifles one a sako finbear and the other is a bsa stutzen i have been looking at williams firesights but if anyone has done any for driven shooting i am all ears, atb wayne
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    Personally I don't like iron sights that, like the Williams, basically are held in at the foresight by a screw or screws. Much better are those held on by silver solder. I've dropped a modern Parker Hale with such a Williams screwed on sight and they do bend!

    Unless the rifle is pre-drilled and tapped then having it so done may be expensive. Also getting the right sight height may be as easy as a simple boresight or it may be more complicated. It may be cheaper to get a low power, say 1x or 2x 'scope.

    Some say that a peep rear rear is better, others an open mid, barrel mounted sight, is better. Again a wide "buckhorn" and a round bead are liked by some but not by others. Beads tend to shoot away from a light source. A partridge front sight, that is a vertical parallel knife blade as on a service rifle and a square cut open rear sight notch won't shoot away from a light source.

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    +1 to the rear mounted peep.

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