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Thread: Working days are over

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    Working days are over

    Took my 10 year old springer for his last working day the other week. He is now deaf and struggles to work if he can't see where I am.

    So he can now have a well earned rest by the fire after.

    I think the missis was more upset than me, well nearly.


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    i never know if it is a good or bad day when ever i retire a good dog
    but what i do know is they usual hav earn't it even up to the final whistle on the last drive of the day
    wish him good health or as much as it can be in his retirement
    and keep that fire stoked he deserves it

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    Try to make him as happy as you can
    he as tried to keep you happy over the years
    he will not like retirement so have some fun with him and let him get away
    with a few things
    hope you both have a good time

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