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Thread: Cheap African Pigeon Shooting

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    Cheap African Pigeon Shooting

    Hiya Guys

    I just got a call from my freinds in RSA, that the pigeons are hitting the sunflower crops in some serious numbers. Teams are shooting over 600 per day and I have been on this hunt where I have shot 300 per day to my gun alone.

    Here is a short video
    And a longer video here

    We are offering a seriously discounted rate for teams of four guys up to the end of March as usually we don't get this stuff started until April but the sunflowers are ripening early.

    Cost is £900 per gun per week. or £800 if you share a room.
    • Hunt morning and evening sessions for 6 days
    • Accommodation is in the PH's home
    • Coffee in the morning, followed by Brunch and Dinner.
    • Hunters buy their own drinks at the liquor store

    Additional costs

    • Cartridges £80/Slab.
    • Tips for PH and Bird boys
    • Flights
    • Alcoholic drinks, (purchased locally at retail).
    • Temporary Firearms permit if pre issued.

    I think that about covers it.

    We are already full on March 7th, 8th & 9th, and full on March 13th,& 14th.

    I can use the Virgin corporate account to help with flights and transporting guns.

    If anyone can't make a full week then let me know and I will see if I can arrange a long weekend, (the beauty of no jetlag!!)

    Let me know if I missed any info out, happy to answer questions.


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    Surprised no comments after so many views. This really is a great value trip, with as close to guaranteed big bag pigeon shooting.

    There is no catch to this. I will be getting a quote on the shells this week to see if we can do a better rate on them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallow Buck View Post
    Surprised no comments after so many views.
    In my case it was sheer curiosity, as I hadn't previously associated African trips with bird hunting - at least not as the raison d'etre of the trip.

    I'm afraid that even if I could make the dates it's too much killing and not enough hunting for my tastes.

    I had two days quail shooting in Spain a few years ago and that was fun, but by day 2 I was only going for the more challenging shots and I'm not sure I'd have wanted a third day.

    I've also pretty much given up decoying pigeons because I don't get a kick out of large bags any more. Instead I go roost shooting and flight-lining on windy days.

    But that's me, and I'm happy to let others have fun doing the shooting they like best.
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    Can i take my three dogs?

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    I dont think those african birds will take kindly to being called cheap!

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    Seriously... Anyone that could justify that distance to shoot pigeons has too much money??

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    I've been on two bird shooting safaris with K in South Africa and I can tell you that it is a fantastic experience, especially when the pigeons/doves are hitting the crops. You do so much shooting that by the end of the week you are pulling off shots that you wouldn't believe possible. South Africa is a brilliant place, the locals are friendly, the food and accommodation is great and the shooting is superb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Seriously... Anyone that could justify that distance to shoot pigeons has too much money??

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    I think the Rock Pigeon is up there in one of the most sporting birds in the world. Only the red grouse comes close in terms of challenging shooting.

    I'd travel further than that to shoot them but too much money? It's cheaper than what most of the guides are charging here in the UK for a day on the woodies!!


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    I really enjoyed south Africa when I went over - admitidly I did not go field shooting - day on a pistol range

    All the best

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