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Thread: Best price for rangefinder binoculars

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    Best price for rangefinder binoculars

    Hello All

    Where is the cheapest place to get high-end binoculars? I'm considering buying some range finder binoculars (swarovski, zeiss or leica) and naturally want to get a good deal. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    best wishes

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    It would seem from comments I have heard that Robin Shedden at Cluny Guns, linked to Cluny Clays near Kirkcaldy in Sotland, does a good deal.
    i have no links with this chap and am only reporting what I hear going about. There was a lad in there the last time I was, shelling out 2 grand on a pair of bins and he seemed delighted with the price! Wow!

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    New or used?

    New: More places are doing finance on expensive kit, so that might be the way to buy them at 0% over 12 months.

    Used: I was lucky and bought mine on eBay 10 months ago and I've only see two other used pairs come up on there since.
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    Give Gregor a call - R. Macleod Son, Tain, Scotland keep in mind, he'll do you a deal when you come to trade in what you've previously bought from him.



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    Probably new. I've seen so few secondhand, and even then the price would have to be significantly lower to make up for the uncertainty. Thanks for your advice chaps.

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