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    Well I finally got around to testing the 7mm WSM on Ramshot Magnum powder today, the original idea was to take Potman (Steve) for a bit of a walk around & have a look for the Canada's to blat with the .223's, Just got into the quarry & what a sight, around 80 of them pathering over the re instated area, I slowly halted the Landy, switched off & got Steve on the front wing....crack, one nice fat goose to help fill out the game pie!& the rest take the hint & leave, double result! So something to fill in the time till dusk when lamping can commence, up with the targets ,out with the chrony & on with the can,starting load 71.0 grains under a Nosler BT 140gn, 9 rounds & 4fps variation later for a 2800 fps reading, four rounds almost inseparable, the other five very tight in close, primers were looking a little flattened, so will back off 0.02 grains & have another shoot, a quick look through the bore, no signs of dirty burning & nice clean obturation on the necks, so pack up & go to the farm with the unwelcome visitor, after a few sweeps with the lamp here she comes, just whisperering to Steve, wait , wait, OK 200, next time she stops........crack, early bath!

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    Where did you get the Ramshot?


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    My buddy heard about the stock clearance at The Bog (Minsterely), & we clubbed together & cleared it out, Griff had some to try, but could'nt get on with it, so I clawed that case back too! Don't think I'll be needing to buy anything in the powder line for the 7mm/.270 before the barrels are shot out! Steve.

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    why did you pick the 7wsm over the other available calibres thanx

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    I was very interested in the talk on the powder column burn data, a mate got one, I tried it, sold me on it, a very long reaching flat shooter, with a very hefty punch from the 162 grain pill, some long range shooters in the states are building comp winners on this cartridge, not a chance in hell of this one going obsolete (contrary to rumour mongers) brass is a bit difficult to get, but I have some necked .300 WSM to top up my stock. This Howa also likes Vit powders. Steve. 8)

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    Had a call from Potman, he tried his Ramshot ladder charges I made for his 6.5x55 Swede this weekend, I also measured the chamber & set his die back to 10 thou off, his rifle is cloverleafing at 100 mtrs with a very conservative charge of this powder. result. 8)

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    Still got time on my hands , so went to the "range" this morning with some more Ramshot charges in the 7mm WSM, I think I found the point that I should stop with 140 grain Amax, 71.50 grains Ramshot Magnum CCI Magnum primer, still a fairly tight grouping of 2" @ 100yds considering the load is really too hot, primer looked like it was part of the head! So it's back on with the ladder charges using 162 grain Amax.

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    try different primers, Jon got great results in just changing the primers and leaving the load alone..


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    Thanks Neil, I just made up a fresh batch of twenty cases with standard rifle primers, hoping this will tighten the group up completely, Steve.
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