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Thread: Varmint or Target Barrel for Running Deer?

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    Varmint or Target Barrel for Running Deer?

    Doing a bit of Running Deer and want to get fairly good at this..... A .223 is being recommended but Varmint or Target barrel?

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    Check the overall weight. I presume you are using the BSRC and their competition rules have a max weight but I have both and probably shoot better with a spotter barrel.
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    Are the Tikkas tha NRA hire varmint barrels? May be worth having a pop with those before I commit to a purchase.

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    I'm not sure. Give them a bell, assuming they haven't lost those as well
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they never get it wrong.

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    2p worth

    i shoot this with my club and if you are doing stop at the wall just use you norm rifle a varm barrel is helpful in the running boar .22 . i use my stalking rifle and my bunny cz . some guys use the heavy barrels and a shooting jacket but if it practice for a moveing target you wish, would you use a clay shooting coat while out stalking or bunny bashing or boar shooting on !! nahh keep kiss as if you were in the field. then if you did you would have the feel of it for real. save your cash for hunting if that's what you do.

    ps MIKE , AKA. NDT MAN IS AN R/O AT THIS CLUB He will put you right.
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    Ta for that - I know Mike he's a good sort.

    I'm getting a Target .308 for other shooting imminently anyway, so can bring that along and see how it goes. I already have the Gehmann (careful how you pronounce that) badger jacket for my prone .22 work, just a bit shy to put it on until my scores improve....

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    Interesting & timely thread. I was up at Bisley yesterday doing some paperwork at the NRA & decided to swing by the BSRC to see if anyone was round. I ended up having the full tour of all the facilities, including the 10M indoor air rifle running boar (which is hard...), so am planning to apply for membership soon. The BSRC seem to have everything I need to practice my field shooting skills, are not too far away & sound like a good bunch of people.

    I would be planning to use my newly acquired Tikka T3 Lite in .243 for the CF Running Deer, so hopefully that will be suitable. It has the standard barrel on it & it does seem to swing quite nicely.

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    The set is top class from the .22 air rifle indoor as you say hard to come to grips with the running boar , then outside under cover for full bore stalking test all on electronic targets that pick up the shot placement then indoor for the running deer 100mt and the indoor .22 fr boar. nice bunch of lads. as well .The H4H Shot is to be held there this year and its another top venue .

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    Just use what you use in the field on the Running Deer. Yes, there are Running Deer specific rifles, and some members rock up with these, but unless you're planning on competing, then stick with what you're likely to be using if you ever have need to fell a Running Deer...

    Personally, I'm absolutely rubbish on the Running Deer range, so need to practice a heap!! Helps that I'm better than average on the statics though, and have yet to have a runner in the field (yes, I know it's just a matter of time...)
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    I was standing outside the running deer hut on Saturday when Toxster was doing his competency assessment. I'd never noticed before that every time someone fires a shot in that wooden boombox, there's a noticeable shock wave that pushes the Perspex window pane outwards! It's noisy in there...

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