CerakoteŽ now available from Jelen Deer Services

Good evening, I hope you are all well.

With all this damp weather (understatement!) I am sure you agree that its even more important to protect your rifle from the elements if you expect it to deliver pinpoint accuracy time after time.

So I thought you may be interested in a new professional service now available through Jelen Deer Services.

A short while ago, I decided to get my Sako .25-06 rifle treated with CerakoteŽ, a high quality ceramic coating that will protect all firearms from everything the British weather can throw at them!

The results were incredible. The coating on my 15 year old Sako provided by Tactical Coatings UK exceeded my expectations by a mile!

We are now able to provide this professional service to deer stalkers and managers throughout the UK.

To find out more about this excellent service, click on the link below:


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any further advice, help or information.

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