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Thread: steyr classic 25-06

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    steyr classic 25-06

    Been meaning to use this since I bought it over a year ago but have not even fired one shot!
    I always pick up the .243 as its set up perfectly for all of my shooting so have decided to part with the steyr.
    It is as title, 2506 steyr manlicher classic. Just about mint condition having fired about 150 rounds. 5 round magazine, not threaded. Can include a set of warne mounts to suit the bases that are fitted.
    I have 2 scopes so could include one with this gun if needed, a swaro 3-1256 & a meopta 3-1250 illuminated both 30mm tube.
    I have had a look on guntrader and see that although there are not many of these about when they are they seem to make about 750 upwards.

    Gun with bases and warne mounts 700.
    Collected from South Wales. Can arange rfd at cost.
    You are welcome to try this gun on my ground.

    Will try to add some pics but if you are interested please send me an email address and i will send them direct.

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    Offers considered.

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    Might be tempted in a month or so. Variation to put in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagben77 View Post
    Might be tempted in a month or so. Variation to put in.
    No problem
    Have one interested party at the moment but drop ke a line when u get sorted.

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    Anyone want this?
    Too many guns and something needs to go.
    Make me an offer???


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    Last try before it has to go to the rfd.
    Come on guys this is a cracking rifle, near mint condition great calibre and I am


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